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Abrasive discs are available in a variety of different types of materials to achieve various final results. Among the different types of abrasive products that are available are cloth and paper discs. With this type of product, the abrasive grains are adhered onto the surface of film or cloth. This type of abrasive disc is most commonly used for grinding, sanding, or finishing. The type of cloth that is used for the backing on this type of abrasive disc is typically water resistant and often constructed of polyester. In addition, these types of discs are often resin bonded, which offers the benefit of being resistant to heat. With the ability to be run dry or wet, these abrasive discs can be easily used in a variety of applications.

Paper discs can be used on both rotary and random orbital sanders. Such paper discs are also available as individual discs as well as adhesive disc rolls that are pressure sensitive, and hook and loop discs. Cleaning, finishing hand pads and paint removal discs are also available for those instances in which a level of detail is necessary that can only be achieved by hand.

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