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Today, the list of industries that use abrasive products and applications is quite extensive.

Whether you are working with sandpaper, a polisher, a grinding wheel, a tumbler, a cutoff wheel, or something else, an abrasive is used to wear down the surface of something softer and less resistant. In other words, when sanding down metal, the appropriate abrasive would be much stronger and harder.

You may be surprised by the broad spectrum for abrasives. As an example, they are used for dental work, to manufacture household products, for polishing jewelry, and more. Virtually every aspect of life is touched in some way by abrasives without you even realizing it. As such, multiple industries, including automotive, dental and medical, manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, mechanical, machine and machine tools, and more, depend on abrasives in one form or another.

Wide Range of Applications

Abrasives are used for many different industrial applications. Although the results are similar, the actual abrasive and method used vary according to the project. For example, of all abrasive applications, grinding is probably the most important. What makes grinding unique is that it achieves different goals. For instance, a grinder may come into direct contact with a piece of material while staying within close dimensional tolerance limits. Grinding also produces ultra-smooth surfaces and sharpens cutting tools.

To avoid time-consuming tasks, such as hand burring, bonded tumbling media is an excellent abrasive. With this technique, parts with rough edges are placed into a rotating barrel and then tumbled. The tumbling motion performs burring while finishing surfaces and smoothing out edges. By placing the same parts in a vibrating tub along with media, productivity increases dramatically.

Cutting wheels are another form of abrasive. These wheels are thin with an abrasive cutoff. Because of the design, a cutting wheel can saw through virtually any material imaginable and at a much faster speed compared to a metal saw. At the same time, the cutting wheel generates less heat and produces a much better cut surface. For cutting through extremely hard materials, including slate, granite, and marble, diamond abrasive wheels are utilized.

For all your abrasive needs, Sandmate is a trusted source of information and exceptional-quality products.

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