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To speed up work and maximize productivity, downtime must be minimized. To accomplish this, manufacturers that offer deburring, polishing, grinding, and other similar services commonly rely on abrasive quick change discs from reputable companies like Sandmate. These discs ensure a fluid operation that results in a faster finished product, but without added expense.

Introduction to Abrasive Quick Change Discs

Abrasive quick change discs are designed as a tool-free and twist on/off-type fastening system that makes disc changes quick and easy. Just as with abrasive wheels, these discs come in a variety of options.

Abrasive quick change discs constructed from hard plastic are ideal for light deburring, finishing, grinding, blending, welding, and even removing heavy metal. For light to medium-pressure grinding, finishing, blending, and leveling, cloth backing is preferred. In addition, cloth abrasive quick change discs are ideal for both flat and contoured surfaces.

Abrasive quick change discs are also backed with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic alumina, zirconia alumina, and fiber. The backing comes in one, two, and three ply. The one-ply disc has a unique construction, making it perfect for any application requiring flexibility or conformability for working on contoured surfaces.

Balanced between light to medium and heavy-duty, the two-ply abrasive quick change disc is considered standard. However, for more aggressive work, experts use the three-ply disc. Even rubber abrasive quick change discs exist, with variations in hardness for a variety of applications. For extremely tough jobs, resin-over-resin discs with a vulcanized fiber backing are hard to beat.

Applications for and Benefits of Abrasive Quick Change Discs

To determine the best abrasive quick change disc for the job, the professionals at Sandmate will discuss your needs in great detail. As a general rule, finer grinding is used for light deburring, finishing, and cleaning, whereas medium grinding is for heavy deburring and blending and coarser grinding is for beveling and chamfering edges, as well as removing welds and medium/heavy stock.

Beyond faster production and cost savings, abrasive quick change discs offer incredible benefits, including:

  • Virtual elimination of shredding and snagging that occurs with pressure sensitive discs

  • Safely increasing RPM

  • Faster stock removal with less glazing and loading

  • Perfectly centered without moving parts, center screw, or adhesives

  • Availability of different mounting systems

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